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Latest Episode

Episode 1: The Killing of Cyle and Kevin

It was Friday, December 9th in 2016. 24 year old Cyle Van Komen had spent the day working and was getting his weekend started by relaxing at the South Ogden, Utah, home he rented with a couple of roommates. Friends and family came and went as was usual for the hangout house. But, tonight was different… the home and its occupants were being stalked by three individuals who used the cold, cover of darkness to hide and decide the correct moment to make their fatal move. After an hour and 25 minutes of stalking, almost all of which was caught on surveillance video, the masked intruders entered the home. In what would be called “a robbery gone wrong” they ended the lives of Cyle Van Komen and his 61 year old neighbor, Kevin Nelsen. A surviving roommate was shot and severely injured, as well! A lot of evidence has been collected, including DNA. Police have done over 70 interviews. But, the case remains unsolved and became an official cold case in the fall of 2022.

Laura M. Young & her story

In July 2019, while working as a film producer in Los Angeles, I got on a call to catch up with my childhood best friend, Heidi. After covering multiple topics, she asked what projects I’m currently working on? She then said, “you know… you’re a natural story teller, you have a degree in criminal justice, and a passion for all things dark… I think you should do a podcast and solve my nephew’s murder!” I took in an audible deep breath of shock, and exhaled out, “what? It’s cold?” She replied, “pretty much!” Feeling like I had been given permission to make this my quest, at that moment, Dark Cides, the true crime podcast was born! Dark Cides will cover a number of past, present & future crimes. Typically featuring cases that involve, homiCIDE, suiCIDE, genoCIDE, etc. I plan to focus heavily on mass murder, as my sister is a survivor of the Batman Movie Theater Massacre, thus, I have extensive knowledge of that case, in particular.

Links to surveillance footage

Surveillance Footage

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